Inspiring a green generation!

The Eco Heroes welcomes you!!  Will you help save planet Earth?  Will you take action and rescue us from the Climate Emergency?

Join us and be an Eco Hero!

For children aged 5-9, the Eco Heroes are fun, engaging and interactive resources designed to help them understand more about climate change and how to be an Eco Hero.

Based around the KS2 Curriculum, the interactive lesson resources cover English, Maths, Geography Science, History and PHSE.

All of the Eco Hero interactive lesson resources are free to download and use – please download any of the resources or all seven from the individual download links below 👇

Now… lets meet the Eco Heroes

Download your very own Eco Heroes badge to tell the world you’re an Eco Hero!

Upload the badge to your website. Use the badge on your social media profiles and share it in your posts. Put the badge in your newsletters to parents to show how your school is educating and inspiring children to be Eco Heroes!

Eco Heroes Badge

Join us and be an Eco Hero!

Use your social media channels to show how you, your child/children or your school are being Eco Heroes.  Share your photos and videos to help more people become Eco Heroes too!  Follow us and tag us in and don’t forget to use the hashtags #ecoheroes #theecoheroes #WED2021

Let’s inspire a green generation together!

 “We’ve run the Eco Heroes in class and the children love it. The Eco Heroes is a call to action for a whole generation of children, teachers and parents.”

Leanne Cross: Year Three Teacher at Scotforth St. Paul’s School, Lancaster

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